Nalbandian Decries Turkey’s Plan to Mark Gallipoli Centennial on April 24

Armenia's Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian at a press conference in Brussels. Jan. 20, 2015.

BRUSSELS (ArmRadio)—Turkey’s decision to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli on April 24, the day Armenians mark the beginning of the Armenian Genocide, “cannot be conceived by anyone as a proper step,” Armenia’s Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandain told a press conference on Monday, following an Armenia-EU Cooperation Council meeting in Brussels.

“You know that the Armenian President invited President Erdogan to participate in the commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in April 2015,” Nalbandian said. “I conveyed the written invitation to President Erdogan being in Ankara in August of the last year. Until now we haven’t receive any response. Concerning the Turkish President’s invitation, President Sarkisian responded the day after it was received. The text was made available for the press,” Nalbandian said in response to a question from Radio Free Europe.

“I don’t think it is appropriate to organize such an event in Turkey on the 24th of April and I can’t believe that anybody will perceive this as a proper step,” the Armenian Minister said.

Speaking about the tragedy in Gyumri, Nalbandian said: “We hope very much that all investigation procedures will be completed as soon as possible and those guilty will be punished in accordance with the law. Of course, this horrible crime created a lot of natural human anger and emotions in Armenia’s public opinion.”

“As for relations with Russia, we have strong, allied, strategic ties and we will continue to strengthen and enhance them further with joint efforts,” he added.

Edward Nalbandian reiterated that “Armenia is going to develop and deepen comprehensive cooperation and partnership with the European Union, taking into due consideration commitments in other international, integration formats.”


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  1. GB said:

    Yes Edward, you should complain to your former partner, Mrs. Clinton, that Turks are not part of civilization. I wonder how they fool you during signing of protocols in 2009.

  2. Areg said:

    To Edward Nalbandien:

    1- Was your signing of the Turkish-Armenian ill fated protocals a proper step? Scrap this anti-Armenian
    Western dictated trash in the garbege can and send the gabage can to your sweat hearth Hillery Clinton. Apologize to the Armenian people for your stupid step and get the hell out of Armenian politics. You are not wanted.

    2- Yes, the Turkish decision to mark the 100’th anniversary of this Battle of Gallipoli on April 24’th of this year , the date which coincides with the 100’th anniversary of Turkish crime of the Armenian Genocide is a slap on every dignified public official and head of any nation and I am sure all foreign leaders will avoid attending Turkey on that day. All foreign leaders will be in Armenia on April 24’th, 2015 to commemorate the memory of Turkish crime against Armenian Nation.

    Turkey has no friends. This plight of Asia, Turkey, is in disarray and does not know what to do and is taken this step to cover her shame. But, the irony of the matter is that how you convinced Serz Sarkissian to go along with your betrayal of your own people in being trapped in this western designed anti-Armenian Turkish-Armenian protocals?

    3- The government of Armenia including you and our president Serz Sarkissian were in seclusion for many-many days after the tragic events which happened in Gyumri. There were no official comments given to the public from either two of you. You nor Serz Sarkissian were even present in the funeral services of your citizens. How dare do you claim to represent our people and our cause in the international arenas when you are not even with us. Your lack of respect to your own people and our cause has sent a wrong signal to Genocidal Turkey and her so called disillusioned allies that our issues are not important and do not count. You and Serz Sarkissian can get out of Armenian political life and the hell with you two. And was not this treator Levon Ter Petrossian who went to Turkey on April 24 during his presidecy years on one occasion, again, at the direction of the western powers to please the Turks on our memoral day. Enough of this kissing the ass of Turkey. If the west wants and wishes to kiss the ass of this barbarian and blood thirsty Turks, they can do it all they want but not get you involved in this sell out.

    4- The west can not put the Armenians and the Turks in one pocket. The west still needs to reaffirm the facts of the Armenian Genocide. This is overdue. We have a just cause and we demand justice for our cause no ifs and buts. Our history is not for sale and you can not be a weak representative of our cause.
    Get your act together.

    5- God forbid if the Russians will be fooled by the foxy Turkish government as she has fooled the West.
    Turkey has one dream and that is her dream of pan turkism. Turkey is a fake ally of the West and Russia. Your job is to address this on every opportunity that there is but not to be pulled by any string here and there.


  3. Hratch said:

    Good, now please tell us the decision of Tsar Putin? Is he or isn’t he going? Why is this not discussed anywhere, shouldn’t his decision be a major concern for Mr. Farrier?

  4. GeorgeMardig said:

    The West is to blame, they have colaborated more with enemies of Armenians than help the Armenians, while Terrorist state of Turkey is negotiating to enter into EU, the West is not giving a clear message to Terrorist state Turkey that without confronting it’s past there’s NO entry into EU, Turkey has NO place to go but to accept whatever EU demands, otherwise give an ultimatum obliging him to admit it’s guilt of Genocide, the West is acting like a whore specially England., Pol Pot of Cambodia never accepted his committing Genocide, it is the world that condemned him, perpetrators never accept their crime.