ARF Western Region Hails Uruguayan Call for Recognition of Artsakh

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation

GLENDALE—Upon learning about Uruguay’s Foreign Ministry’s call for international recognition of Artsakh, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western US Central Committee on Monday issued an announcement welcoming the move. Below is the text of the announcement.

* * *

The news that Uruguay’s Foreign Ministry has called for the international recognition of the independence and self-determination of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is a decisive and historic move by Uruguay, which has been at the forefront of advancing human rights and right to the self-determination of all people.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western US Central Committee welcomes this bold and groundbreaking move.

This announcement further reaffirms the very basic tenets of the liberation struggle being waged by our people and should embolden the entire Armenian Nation to continue its pursuit of justice and complete liberation.


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  1. Hratch said:

    This is great news, but without Mother Russia’s blessing nothing will ever happen. Uruguay must first appeal to the bear’s interests if it wants to see this to fruition. The status quo will remain, unless and of course, it becomes beneficial for Mother Russia to completely severe its ties with Azerbaijan. But the way things have been progressing lately, the bear is more interested in closer ties with the Azeris. The inclusion of the Azeris in the EEU is of paramount importance for them.

  2. GB said:

    In 1965 during 50th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, under totalitarian Soviet regime thousands of Armenians who flooded the street of Yerevan were shouting “Our lands”… was heard in a faraway country like Uruguay, where on April 20, 1965 historical resolution on the Genocide was passed, and became first country to recognize AG. Turkey even today don’t have an embassy in Uruguay. I won’t be surprised, Uruguay may recognize Artsakh independence ahead of any other country!

  3. Peter Jerijian said:

    Asdvadz peranet lese GB, it will be great to start the ball rolling.

  4. Areg said:

    Pan Turkism and Panturanism is encouraged by some circles in the western world and unfortunately is the policy of the western world to use panturkism to destroy Russia and when and if this has been accomplished the Pan Turkism and Panturanism will turn around and destroy the western world. The western governments are so stupid not to see this danger of Pan Turkism coming to them at the end.

    Who is behind Pan Turkism? Just Guess. Who are behind the curtain and feeding Pan Turkism into the stupid brains of the western leadership? You guessed it right. Pan Turkism is used for eventual world domination. Stop the Turk and you will stop destruction of this world of ours.

  5. arziv said:

    The Uruguayan government can , if there is sufficient will in government circles and and a robust encouragmenet from the Armenian community, recognize Artsakh. They do not have to speak to the Russians at all. They do not have even to inform Russia about this possible move. It is a direct link to Artsakh. The pressure , or barrier to overcome , against the recognition would come solely from the anti armenian and pro turk USA. ; but Uruguay can go it alone just like they did in 1965 with the genocide recognition., and just like they voted for Palestinina recognition at the UN, disregarding pressure from the USA to vote against the resolution. Russia would be very supportive , if they are consulted, for Uruguay to extend recognition to Artsakh. It will bolster Russian interests in the independent enclave of Abkhazia and Ossetia for their recognition. Abkhazia, Ossetia and Artsakh do recognize each other’s independence. Recently the Azeri-Turk government attempted to buy sponsorship for two football clubs in Uruguay and Argentina. Both clubs rejected the Azeri-Turk offer outright. In contrast , two Spanish clubs in Spain, a member of the most most lovable EU for misguided Armenians , accepted renewal terms for sponsorship from the Azeris. One of the main clauses in the granting of Azeri sponsorhip is that no ethnic Armenian ever assumes a position in the executive board. So much for ” non discrimination” , human rights and other claptrap emetic emanations from the EU,.