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This most anticipated year is upon us. Armenians throughout the world will come together to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

But beyond commemoration, the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide must become the turning point, at which, we as Armenians—the entire Armenian Nation—in unison to not simply demand the recognition of the Genocide, but everything else that follows that statement of truth—justice in the form of reparations and restitution.

As Turkey continues to deny the Genocide and fails to take responsibility for the gruesome actions of its Ottoman predecessors, Armenians, specifically the government of the Republic of Armenia, must be steadfast in their convictions and not fall prey to the whims of those for whom the recognition of the Armenian Genocide is not beneficial.

Turkey leads that pack, which also includes the governments of the United States, Great Britain and others, which are stepping up their efforts to alter the truth and draw a “new course” for the discussion of the Armenian Genocide.

We have witnessed, in the past few months, an increase in official reports, academic analyses and expert assessments that attempt to, first and foremost, draw a wedge between the aspirations of the Armenians living in Armenia and those living in the Diaspora. This dangerous trend, which claims that only the Armenians in the Diaspora are seeking the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, while those in Armenia are anxious for dialogue, aims to create a diversion and plays into the fear mongering by Turkey, which despite behaving as an adversary toward its NATO allies, continues to impact policy and the continuation of Genocide denial.

The first step must come from the Armenian Government, which has been silent in the face of a recent report by the British Foreign Office about the Armenian Diaspora, which sought to undermine the political activism by Diaspora Armenians and falsely asserted that Armenians as a Nation do not foster the same aspirations. Armenia’s Foreign Ministry (and perhaps the Diaspora Ministry) should issue a forceful rebuke of this mischaracterization, especially since Armenian government officials always elevate the Diaspora as one of the critical pillars of Armenia’s survival.

Then there is another element that is adding fuel to the denialist perspective: Armenians who believe that this century-young struggle has run its course and our National efforts must be put forward toward the betterment of Armenia. Those who fighting for Genocide recognition, these elements claim, must focus their efforts to fighting injustice in Armenia. This is a warped concept, since fighting injustice is a universal tenet and one does not outweigh the other. These so-called modern-day “thinkers” should realize that by giving up the cause for justice for the Armenian Genocide, does not make them strong advocates for justice in the socio-economic and political sphere in Armenia. No one said fighting for justice was easy or convenient. Now, more than ever, with the withering of the survivor generation, Armenians must elevate the cause, or else we would be carrying out Turkey’s wishes and advancing their policy of denial at all costs.

As this most anticipated date is upon us, let us abandon the rhetoric and truly come together as a Nation to combat this historical injustice, because only fighting the good fight for a Free, United and Independent Homeland, will bring make us stronger as a nation and propel us to a greater future.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Alex Postallian said:

    The U.S. gave jerky turkey billions,of dollars,they in turn used the money,to bribe our low- life diplomats,who gave us false feedback,on the situation over there.One in particular,a closeted jew,(byzra),married a turk.The big wedding in istanbull,paid by the azerbaturks..The next year he was appointed ,unofficially,as ambassador,to azserbaturk…Now the clown lives in turkey,with his jerk brothers. EVERYBODY BLINKS..He draw money,from the U.S. Mine and your tax money….DOUBLE DIPPER…

  2. Sona said:

    Thank you! About time someone nailed it:
    “These so-called modern-day “thinkers” should realize that by giving up the cause for justice for the Armenian Genocide, does not make them strong advocates for justice in the socio-economic and political sphere in Armenia”

    • khelk Tchouni said:

      Please, can someone tell me who “these so-called modern-day thinkers” are?
      I would like to meet them over turkish coffee, be enlightened by their wisdom, and
      perhaps become a BORN AGAIN DENIALIST as well. Who knows, maybe they know something I don’t. After all, they are the ones who are thinking, and not me.
      Because I can’t! I wish I could, my name says it all.


  3. Tsoghig said:

    Great editorial. Armenian apologists who want to “move on” and have closure from the Genocide are setting themselves up for more disappointment. They want to move on, but the descendants of the perpetrators of the genocide are more than happy with the status quo and they want nothing other than the destruction of our homeland… If these apologists care so deeply about the well being of Armenia, we need to demand in unison, like you so aptly stated above, reparations and restitution and an end to all hostility from Turkey and Azerbaijan to Armenia. Without demanding reparations, Turkey gets off the hook, and there will be no incentive to establish long lasting peace in the region and in the next decade, we will have no nation to fight for.

  4. Areg said:

    Believe me Ara, nor Turkey or these so called allies of Turkey on the Pan Turkism and Ottoman train will reach their wishful dreams.

    Armenians worldwide let it be in our beloved Armenia, Artsakh and or elsewhere in this world of ours will never abandon our united dream.

    Turkey is guilty of Genocide and Turkey will pay for her crimes against humanity and mankind. Shame on those governments who are attempting to alter the truth of the Armenian Genocide or try to minimize the scope of our demands. Enough of these powers dipping their hands with the Armenian blood. Shame on you all, you are as guilty as these barbarian blood thirsty Turks. Enough of using this criminal Turkey in advancing your goals of world domination.

    Dzer tsave tanem im hay zhoghovurd. Voch voki mi havatasek batsi hayi. Menk misht miatsats enk yev voch vok mez chi karogh bajani. Menk urishin el chenk havatum. Menk hakhtelu enk miasin ays char turkin.

  5. Janapar said:

    Just what is Armenia suppose to do to get something from Turkey? Invade militarily? Get nukes as some fools on here have written? Speeches in the offices of foreign govts are useless and fall on deaf ears.
    Sadly, reality is move on, shake hands, open the borders concentrate on the future and not the past. Did you not read the other article on unemployment? Must be tough to sit in California and say ‘bastard Turks’.

    • khelk Tchouni said:

      You must have read the book just published by my dear friend PAN TCHOUNI.
      Good for you. I think you’re on the right path Mr. JANAPAR!

      P.S. My friend Pan Tchouni will be thrilled to know that he has sold a copy of his book, and THANK YOU on his behalf.

      • Janapar said:

        I do not deny the genocide. Turkey denies the genocide. You and I and thousands of others screaming ‘give us money’ will not change the mind of Turkey.
        Now we have dueling April 24ths!!

        • khelk Tchouni said:

          Janapar Jan,
          First, I would like to pay my respect to you for recognizing the GENOCIDE.
          But please enlighten me. How come when we are screaming “give us JUSTICE”, the only thing you are hearing, is “give us MONEY”?
          Please explain….

          P.S. It is a universal understanding that when JUSTICE prevails, the perpetrator must pay for his CRIMES. Do you agree?

          • Janapar said:

            Because I give up. Whatever the historical facts, the intransigent attitude of Turkey will never change. I hope I am wrong but I do not see a German style apology and reparation agreement coming from Turkey and of course never will they give back the lands of eastern Turkey for a Greater Armenia. The only way I see this happening is if IS becomes such a problem (and I am not dismissing the tragedy of war as a problem) that the west has to go in to save Turkey’s ass and then the Kurds and Armenia will get their due in a new re-drawing of the middle east. Until that happens the best that can be hoped for are these ‘new beginnings’ speeches from Turkey. So while the world waits for a more civilised govt in Turkey, Armenia must survive day to day as a nation. I say move towards normalisation of relations. Take what you can get plus work towards more. Keep up the talks about genocide reparations but do something else besides hate them. To me Azerbaijan and the Russian Armenian Republic are larger problems.