US Strongly Condemns Destruction of Der Zor Church by ISIS

The first photos of the Der Zor Church destruction

YEREVAN—The U.S. Embassy in Armenia issued a statement condemning the destruction of the Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor, avoiding the term “genocide” that appears in the name of the church.
The first photos of Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor blown up by ISIS emerged on Sept. 24.

The statement read:

U.S. Embassy Yerevan joins the government and people of Armenia in strongly condemning the destruction of the Armenian Church in Deir Ez-zor, Syria.

This senseless act of destruction demonstrates yet again the utter disregard the terrorist organization ISIL has for the rich religious and cultural heritage of the Middle East.

As Secretary Kerry has stated, ISIL has systematically committed abuses of human rights and international law and presents a global terrorist threat. Faced with this threat, the United States urges the international community to strengthen our united effort to degrade and destroy ISIL.

Aram Hamparian, the executive director of the ANCA, reacted to the statement’s avoidance of the term “genocide.” He said, “The U.S. Embassy in Armenia strongly condemned the bombing of the Armenian Church and Genocide Memorial at Der Zor, Syria, but—very conspicuously, and clearly under instruction from the White House—failed to either mention the very reason for this holy site’s existence, the #Armenian #Genocide, or to challenge the profoundly deadly threat that those who destroyed it (and their allies in Ankara) are sending to the Armenian nation.”


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  1. Norin said:

    What a pathetic attempt by US and Co. to look concerned when on fact these ISIS stooges are largely the same individuals that only months ago were financed by France, Brittain, and US under the guise of “Syrian Rebels”. Turkey was used a staging ground by these animals with the full blessing of the US not to mention financial US backing. Hawks the likes of John McCain have been harping about arming the “rebels” for 2 yrs, well they got harmed and this is the result.

    The US is just as responsible as Turkey and ISIS for these atrocities against Armenians and other ME Christians.

  2. Parik Nazarian said:

    At least we did not have Armenian casualties
    At least no Armenian was beheaded
    Hopefully, suspeciting this will happen, they took the precious items to safety.
    And, ofcourse this complex will RISE again, it will LIVE again! and we will tenfold our pilgrimage for the centenial!

  3. ara said:

    they are scum-0 like their ancestors- they rape women, children and are sodemites- they live by the sword and as Obama finally said-these animals only know one thing and must be annilated-
    we will kill or get killed- they will hear from us-bastards– of course they blow up churches and rape children and women- they are like their cuzzins-now and then-

  4. Avetis said:

    The world strongly condemns the destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria by Western powers. Armenia’s future is with the Russian nation. No Russia in the south Caucasus = no Armenia in the south Caucasus. Armenia will remain vulnerable as long as it continues its flirtations with Western powers and allows westerners (including Diasporans) to engage in political activism.

  5. zarkim said:

    ISIS exists because of Americans and their allies. ISIS’s stronghold/nest is in Turkey.
    Turkey has recently made a DEAL with the TERRORISTS during their FAKE hostage negotiations. Hours after this DEAL strange things happen: 1)) ISIS threatens Russia, Canada, etc.. and 2)) hundreds of thousands of Kurds run towards Turkish borders. Who else ENTERS or EXITS Turkey is the question???? Then, Der Zor is destroyed….
    The Turkish DEAL with ISIS:
    Turkey has promised ISIS a SAFE passage to turkey and exit to any location they like. AND Turkey has promised ISIS a SAFE HAVEN for their STOLEN assets made from OIL, MONEY and property stolen from looting and ransoms, etc..
    This new development is an act to CONFUSE the rest of the world and an attempt to cover-up ISIS’s movements in Syria, Iraq and Turkey areas.
    AMERICA IS CERTAINLY INVOLVED and this is why they are WAITING before their PRETEND attack on ISIS.
    Etchmiadzin, Cilicia Denounce Destruction of Memorial Church by ISIS
    Members of Congress Express Outrage Over Der Zor Destruction
    Mr Obama until now APPEARS to have NO BLOOD in his hands. But now, HE IS VERY MUCH INVOLVED.
    If the DEAL is to forgive ISIS and let them go by living a big gate open for them, then, this is the best cover-up plan. Only future will show the truth. May be this is the safest solution?
    TURKEY, using ISIS, has made plenty of money from these lootings (Syria and Iraq). Turkey is able to look after all these displaced Kurds for at least ten years using this STOLEN money. NO ONE SHOULD HELP TURKEY. THEY have stolen and looted their neighbours for years.
    Russia is happy because Turkey SHARES these stolen assets by spending with them.
    Americans are happy because Turkey spends with them and lets them into their land and waterways.
    This juggling act by Turkey has been going on for a long time. Bubble is going to burst. When??
    Der Zor memorial church has been destroyed by Turkish thugs. ISIS is Turkey.
    Americans try to blame PUTIN for all bad things that happen. This one is certainly America’s DOING.
    Mr Obama has promised that he will get all ISIS terrorists. There is no where they can hide from him. However, Mr Obama only mentions the ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Somehow, he overlooks the ones in TURKEY… ISIS is very active in Turkey.
    The recent American and allies’s effort in Syria is good news. If Mr Obama patiently continues these operations, we will see the end of evil. THEN, Syria will return to what it was BEFORE.
    Syria has been a SANCTUARY to millions of ETHNIC minorities for centuries. Why does anyone want to destroy it? Learn from Syria about MULTICULTURISM. Syria should be congratulated.
    Even ISRAELIS used Syria as a safe-heaven.

  6. Hratch said:

    “……and clearly under instruction from the White House—”

    Was the instructions made public, and if so, doesn’t that have a significance? Yes, it was probably avoided deliberately, but to say it was under clear instructions from the WH is just inviting more animosity. We better be careful who we pick fights with in this world.

    • Norin said:

      It’s funny how you constantly make this argument of “we better be careful who we pick fights with” when it comes to corrupt US policy that directly results in the death of your fellow Armenians. Yet whenever an article about Russian activities surfaces you are more than willing to pick have Armenians pick a fight with another superpower that has more regional influence near Armenia than the US ever could have.

      Funny how your pro west bias works.

  7. HERAYER said:

    where is the wisdom of not using genocide memorial a memorial for our innocent Armenian children,women and men murdered by turkey,who’s bones were enshrined as a witness to this horrible genocide. except of emboldening turkey to deny the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE.. how we dream for humanity to stand up for truth and justice it can not happen unless we demand it and pursue it from the world!

  8. edward demian said:

    Armenia should retaliate in a novel way. Divert all water resources that drain into Azerbaijian, to Iran. Sell it all to the Iranians for Oil, and Gas. Turn Azerbaijian into a Desert without firing a shot. Water is a very precious resource. without water, perhaps they will go back to Tataristan.

  9. Vindicated Man said:

    …”avoiding the term “genocide” that appears in the name of the church”

    Is this the current official policy? How close is it to sound principles? And do they ever say things like Woodrow Wilson Arbitral Award? I personally am more concerned with the de jure border.

  10. Areg said:

    No thanks to you Mr. Obama. No thanks to you and your gang. Your hands, yes, your hands are dipped with the blood of Armenians.We have lost fate in you. You are simply a criminal and a murderer.
    As long as America and NATO and the Western World is in support of this Genocidal Turkey there will be no peace on this planet of ours. And as long America does not reaffirm the facts of Armenian Genocide and denies the rights of the Armenian people the savage and barbarian Turk is free to act on her own. Shame on you Mr. Obama.
    The barbarian Turk with weapons made in America, England and Israel is carrying on her Genocidal act against the Armenians, Kurds and all mankind. Shame on you Mr. Obama.
    The Turk will remain a Turk no matter how much she dresses in the Western clothing. Killing, raping, stealing, burning, cheating, throat cutting, destruction of Holy Armenian sites and drinking the blood of her victims is the Turkish culture. This barbaric savagery is in the genes of Turks and this will remain the same as always. Mr. Obama you and your gangs are in support of this Turkish animals and therefore shame on you Obama.
    What would the American press and our U.S. government do if any nation had desecrated a Holy site belonging to the Jewish people? Yes, there would have been an uproar in America. Der Zor was and is the Holy Site of the victims of the Armenian Genocide where some of the bones of the the Armenian Genocide Victims are kept. Mr. Obama, you and your blood thirsty administration and those dark and bloody hands who rule America from behind the curtains are responsible and guilty in creation and support of this fake, imaginary and so called Al Qaudia, ISIS and others. Yes, U.S. government was and is in support of this terrorist groups and all these groups are made and fabricated in America. The Genocidal Turkey supported, financed and armed these groups and actually 25% of these terror groups were of Turkish origin and nationality. And, Mr. Obama, do not tell us that you are so dump that you do not know who is who and who is doing what. The Kissinger, Brezinsky Gebhart, Hellery Clinton, Goble, you and similar ones are behind this barbaric plannings and use the Genocidal Turkey and Pan Turkism idea to advance your dirty dreams. You are all criminals drinking the blood of your victims. May God paralise you and destroy the evil devil in you all. Shame on you Obama.
    And Armenia will become strong because Armenians are realizing who the friends are and who is behind the Genocidal Turk. Armenia will remain strong, Artsakh will remain strong and Armenians will remain vigil, alert and ready to counter the dirty plans of you. Shame on you Obama. Mr. Obama , you will remain in the memory of the history books as a criminal and those bastards behind the curtain who destroy America and the world are destined to hell. The hell with you and with your fake Genocidal Turkey. The hell with your NATO ally Turkey.
    The hell with you Obama. The hell with you Hellery Clinton. The hell with your so called Turkish-Armenian
    fake Protocal. The Armenians have already decided to trash your garbage protocals into the garbage can and burn it. The hell with your IMF money. The hell with your help and your fake friendship. You can not fool the Armenians any more. You can kiss it good bye. You were involved in this bloody attack of Genocidal Turkey on Kessab and our Holy Armenian Genocidal Monument in Der Zor and Armenians will never forgive you. The Armenians will never forgive the Genocidal Turk and the Armenians will never forget the Genocidal Obama and his blood thirsty gang behind the curtain.
    Wake up America. There will be no more 1915. Never again in your dream Obama.Never again to you the Genocidal Turkey.

  11. Ararat said:

    The only reasonable response to this attack is to drop a bunker-busting bomb on the Turkish government headquarters in Ankara with Er-dog-on and Ahmet Gotverenoglu present.

  12. tommy said:

    It’s a joke. US condemned Israel for their genocide in Gaza, but GAVE them more weapons! US should complain to the source of ISIS=Turkey.

  13. Zorik said:

    After this incident DER ZOR Memorial Destruction by ISL(Turkey gangs) I Personally believe we should ask Armenian President to recall the invitation to Erdoghan to Armenia for centennial of Armenian Genocide on 24 April of 2015. We do not need him there. Shame on Erdoghan and his affiliates(U.S and Nato).