NATO Upholds Territorial Integrity of Armenia, Azerbaijan

Meeting of the North Atlantic Council at the NATO summit in Wales

NEWPORT, Wales—In an all-encompassing declaration adopted Friday at a NATO summit in Wales, the North Atlantic Council, NATO’s principle decision-making body, made references to conflicts in the South Caucasus and Eastern Europe. The declaration, keeping in line with NATO verbiage since 2006, referred to territorial integrity while neglecting to mention the right to self-determination.

“Russia’s illegitimate occupation of Crimea and military intervention in eastern Ukraine have raised legitimate concerns among several of NATO’s other partners in Eastern Europe,” the Wales Summit Declaration reads.

“Allies will continue to support the right of partners to make independent and sovereign choices on foreign and security policy, free from external pressure and coercion. Allies also remain committed in their support to the territorial integrity, independence, and sovereignty of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova.”

“In this context, we will continue to support efforts towards a peaceful settlement of the conflicts in the south Caucasus, as well as in the Republic of Moldova, based upon these principles and the norms of international law, the UN Charter, and the Helsinki Final Act. The persistence of these protracted conflicts continues to be a matter of particular concern, undermining the opportunities for citizens in the region to reach their full potential as members of the Euro-Atlantic community. We urge all parties to engage constructively and with reinforced political will in peaceful conflict resolution, within the established negotiation frameworks,” the declaration says.


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  1. Ararat said:

    Armenia must never trust NATO as long as Muslim Turkey is a member.

    1. NATO = Turkey’s Pimp

    2. Turkey = Azerbaijan’s Pimp

    3. Azerbaijan = Turkey’s Prostitute

    I look forward to the day when we can bring the illegal / fascist state of Turkey and the fabricated / artificial state of Azerbaijan, a gas-station disguised as a country, down to their knees with nuclear weapons!

  2. Danoog said:

    If Territorial Integrity was the over-riding rule for all situations, there would be no United States. We’d still be drinking tea and eating crumpets.

  3. ARARAT said:

    Why should we care what NATO thinks ?? They are our enemies and if any Armenian thinks otherwise , really needs to do a lot of studying ,.

  4. edward demian said:

    This decision Leaves Armenia no choice but to win on the battlefield. Kerimian Hayrig told us nearly 200 years ago “Mi ayn zenkov e Hayotz pergutiuna”. Only by the Gun lies the Armenian salvation. I think that its time to consider and discuss the “universal Draft” in Armenia. That means Women. Yes compulsory military service for our women. It will do their bodies good, and its our only hope. The Russians will scurry away like mice when the shooting will start. Another option is tactical battlefield nuclear weapons. Israel is in a similar position and she sought and obtained a nuclear arsenal. But they keep their mouths shut about it. Not like Iran or Korea. I have come to the conclusion that if you are considered a serious, civilized and law abiding nation, than you are allowed in the club. But forget the Nuclear. Too destructive and too hot for too long. The Neutron bomb would be the best. It is harmless to structures, only destroys life and no radiation. Too Diabolical? After what the Muslim Turks and Tatars did to us, nothing would be too Diabolical

    • GeorgeMardig said:

      Armenians have more justification for any action they take, the west is bankrupt in it’s values. They are based on Hypocrisy

  5. GeorgeMardig said:

    ….. Allies also remain committed in their support to the territorial integrity, independence, and sovereignty of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova.”…. HOW CAN THIS BE DONE, they need the help of DAVID COPPERFIELD the magician.

  6. Satenik said:

    Artsakh is Armenia. Of course thet would”drop”the self
    determination bit ,that would be asking too much from some “democracy loving”members. At the moment Russia is the bogyman and the only people we hear that thr allies are helping are the kurds. When the kurds were being gased no problem but now they have to protect the oil pipelines and make sure that the supply of oil continues without delay,hence arming them to the teeth. If Nato was seeious about Isis ,they would have taken Turkey to the cleaners,as they kboe very well Turkey,s role in supporting this murderous lot but at the moment their obcession with putin has blinded them into “noticing”anything else. The whole thing seemed like a bit of matcho posturing and an opportubity to take photos.

  7. Lus said:

    To the hell with NATO and their allies! Who asked for anything from a terrorist organization anyway?

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  9. Hratch Karamanoukian MD said:

    “Territorial integrity of Azerbaijan” ? The Coca Cola Corporation is older than Azerbaijan !

    • Tim said:

      Hratch! Oh, you made me laugh so hard that my Green, Fresh, Azerbaijanian yogurt came shooting out of my mouth! If Azerbaijan were a wine it would be so new it would be in a cardboard box on the shelf at Cosco. Yum, yummy, vintage? “Last Week!”

  10. eastofwest said:

    NATO(NAZI) should uphold Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. GeorgeMardig said:

    Had not been for Russia, Armenia would have been a part of Turkey a long time ago. The Armenians who are against should oppen their eyes and stop bashing Russia.

  12. ruzanna Vardanyan said:

    All the negativity that some Armenians are expressing against Russians is heard by them, it is open media area we are living now. We break their trust in us. And yet we believe that they are obliged to help us. Now you can see the reality.

  13. Tim said:

    Territorial Integrity for Azerbaijan? Sorry, but are they saying that because they see lines in them that NATO will defend the clouds?

  14. Thomas Kowalski said:

    I’m Polish and Artsakh is ARMENIA! To hell with NATO! Only Armenia