Erdogan, Aliyev Pledge to Lie for Each Other on the World Stage

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is met by his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev upon arriving in Baku


BAKU—What better way for two leaders to reinforce their alliance than by pledging to lie for one another on the international arena?

That’s what happened Tuesday when newly-minted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Baku and said that Turkish-Armenian relations would not be normalized until a resolution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict that would be beneficial for Azerbaijan, further pledging to work toward the goal of pressuring Armenia to return territories it claims Armenia is occupying.

In turn, Erdogan’s Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev said that he would work with Turkey to counter “Armenian lies” regarding the Armenian Genocide.

“Turkey and Azerbaijan will jointly counter the lie about the genocide of Armenians,” Aliyev told journalists after his meeting with Erdogan. “We will be coordinating our efforts to expose the fictional Armenian genocide. Our non-governmental and Diaspora organizations will be acting together.”

Calling Turkey and Azerbaijan “two nations from one stem”—two peas in a pod—Erdogan stressed that Azerbaijan’s rights should be taken into consideration when discussing a resolution to the Karabakh conflict.

He reassured Aliyev that “if the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia is resolved, then the problems between Turkey and Armenia will also be solved.”

Erdogan said that “Turkey is ready to show determination on this issue” and promised to raise his perspectives on the Karabakh issue during the upcoming NATO summit in Wales.

This all comes a day after Turkey’s new prime-minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, put forth his government’s program, in which he reiterated the Erdogan’s statements about Karabakh and urged Armenians to not become “hostage to history.”

“We’ll also continue efforts to improve ties with Armenia in hopes that Yerevan will be guided by mutual interest for cooperation and search for ‘just memory,’ rather than historical hatred,” said Davutoglu.

This newly-cemented fraternalism between Turkey and Azerbaijan reinforces that both parties intend to continue their denial and hatred toward Armenians, and with one promising to do the other’s dirty work, it’s a sure bet that new “just” memories will be created.

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  1. LM said:

    this is ridiculous… how about Azerbajan doesn`t become a hostage of the history??? these guys are Idiots, and anyone including international community that will pretend to believe them will be Idiots… They look like peas in a pod though, they are both as corrupt as each other too! I wouldn`t be surprise if Erdogan was backing the Islamic state

  2. Satenik said:

    I think that there will be serious questions asked from Turkey by her “allies”when in Wales. Europe and America are waking up bit by bit to realise Turkey,s role in supporting and arming Isis . As for them lying, this is their modus operandi vut shame on those who believe!

  3. Danoog said:

    So which is the bigger horse thief??? Count your fingers after shaking hands with either of these two.

  4. GeorgeMardig said:

    …..“if the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia is resolved, then the problems between Turkey and Armenia will also be solved.” …. How can these 2 trust each other if they lie to each other?. to solve the Turkey and Armenia problem, Turkey 1st. should respect the Woodraw Wllsons arbitrated borders, return all land and properties looted from Armenians, solving the Nagorno-Karabagh problem will not be enough, Erdogan knows it, Aliyev knows it.

  5. Josef said:

    Great we have “dumb and dumber” representing
    The so called moderate Muslim world!

  6. Ararat said:

    This is a perfect union of two criminal states, one illegal and the other artificial. They are using one another to our detriment because they have realized individually they are quite ineffective against us. The Turks are using the helpless and demoralized Azerbaijanis against us to pump up their hollow egos and the Azerbaijanis are using the Turks to give an empty glimmer of hope to their defeated nation that they are not alone and have a friend they can count on.

    What’s missing from the true intention of this union is the fact that Turkey is taking advantage of the Azerbaijani humiliation and defeat at the hands of the Armenians to get badly-needed oil at dirt cheap prices as well as using the perfect opportunity to try to punish the Armenians, through various means such as illegal border closings, for their relentless worldwide pursuit of the Armenian Genocide recognition.

    As they claim, these are not “two nations, one state” but “two illegal and artificial states, one common enemy” and the common enemy being the Armenians. They have nothing in common despite what they claim and their peoples were strangers to each other up until when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.

    The best way to describe the FAKE kinship between these two illiterate and nomadic nations is to say: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. They really must feel helpless on their own against us to have come to such criminal union. What I think we should take away from this article is that these people will never change, they are no different from the criminal predecessors, they can never be trusted and their intention today is no different from the intention of their ancestors: Creation of their Turkic empire, or the land of Turan, which is to say Armenia without the Armenians. We must fight them even harder and with much more resolve and pull no punches.

  7. CommonSense said:

    Why is it that the western world is constantly burdened with the Hitler boogey man propaganda when the 3rd Reich was destroyed and no longer poses a threat to anyone in the world as it is merley a ghost, yet we have these 2 sons of Satan that are a literal continuity of the original threat to mankind known as “The Turk”. This unique specie of subhuman devils are of the most wicked genetics a bastardized 2 legged creature has ever produced. The Geographical Terrorist threat that makes the news daily is a natural organic outgrowth of Turkishness and this is an absolute truth. These 2 alien elements known as Turkic states not only fund recruit train and support the terrorists Turks are themselves active terrorist members themselves and yet the self righteous world community has produced NO embargo blockades sanctions let alone a justified all out invasion and liberation of these occupied lands under the yolk of Turkish insurgency. It is as if the new world leaders are just a bunch of soulless puppets that thrive on immorality such as turkishness. This wicked deceptive Parasitic Turkocracy is a violation of every established form of human rights by any sophisticated standards with a list as long as my arm of genocides massacres pogroms and all around ethnic cleansing campaigns to satisfy the Turks unique appetite for blood and other peoples treasures, this being unarguable historical fact, there is no righteous excuse possible to justify the lack of world effort to sanitize the map of such filth

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