Stupidity, Silliness, & Seriousness in Syria

Garen Yegparian


What a complex mess confronts the world in Syria! And, the worst of it is, it didn’t have to be this way. It is a result of the U.S. and Turkey, and their twisted, hegemonic or expansionist, respectively, logic. Had they not started encouraging and arming the Syrian regime’s more extreme opponents, a civil war would not have claimed over 100,000 lives. Who knows, some accommodation might have been achieved that would have loosened Syria’s dictatorship another notch or two.

But now, we have Obama, not noted for keeping his word (think Genocide recognition) putting himself in a position where he feels compelled to… keep his word. I refer to his “red line” comments regarding the use of chemical weapons. Now, if he doesn’t act, his and the U.S.’s credibility will be seriously damaged.

But, it’s not even 100% clear the Syrian government launched the chemical weapons that have triggered the latest phase of this mess. There are reports that Saudi Arabia has funneled chemical weapons to the Syrian rebels. The Syrian regime may be calculating, cold, and cruel, but not crazy. Why would it intentionally engage in a provocative act that would trigger action by the big guys on the world scene? Conversely, the rebels have every reason to use chemical weapons in a way that makes it look like the regime launched them, so the international community would provide more support to their side.

Then we have the hypocrisy of U.S. policy. When Iraq, then on the U.S. “acceptable” list, gassed the Kurds… crickets. But now, using chemical weapons constitutes an affront to humanity. What about the cluster munitions, depleted uranium bullets, and drone strikes used by the U.S.? Are these not similar affronts?

What’s really discomfiting, undoubtedly, to many in the White House and State Department is that the Russians, and specifically Putin in his op-ed piece in The New York Times, are the ones who seem to be seizing the rational (if not moral) high ground. His argument is basically one that endorses the lesser of two evils. Bashar Assad is no angel, but the alternative is far worse.

Our community in Syria, along with Christian and other minorities, know who’s best for them in power. They have seen, all too clearly, what happened in Iraq after American intervention when the lunacy and bloodlust of religious fanatics was left unchecked by the firm hand of a regime that at least prevented what might be called “sectarian hate crimes” in American jargon.

Another aspect of Putin’s argument is that Syria, like Afghanistan, Iraq, and even Pakistan, is serving as a training ground for fighters who will then spread out all over the world (think Chechnia, Xinjiang [China], and World Trade Center). If the current regime falls, this will become even more pronounced. It’s in everyone’s interest that the nut-jobs running from country to country in the name of religion (in this case fanatical Sunni Islam) be stopped dead in their tracks. Do you remember when the target of these same crazies was Artzakh as they fought against us beside Azerbaijan’s pathetic troops?

Initially, I had trouble concluding which side of this conflict I was least uncomfortable with. The choices were all bad. But now, in every scenario, it is extremely clear to me that the side which is best —from a human, American, or Armenian perspective— is the current Syrian regime of Bashar Assad.


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  1. Hratch said:

    Your position is exactly what Assad wants. You are falling hook, line and sinker to the regimes diabolic plans. You are spitting in the face of every freedom fighter who has been martyred to be free from the Assad dictatorship. Extremists account for no more that 15% of the fighters, yet you choose to label all of them as terrorists. I’m sure you are well aware of Syria’s involvement in Lebanon, and please don’t try to gloss over that tragedy. The Syrian regime is as evil as they come. It’s also reported that the regime let loose many extremists to create an illusion of terrorist rebel groups. It looks like their devilish plan worked, and now suddenly everyone wants to dance with the devil, including the author above!

  2. Alex Postallian said:

    obummer is a joke,the world is laughing—the diplomatic corps is on the take…look a byzra,ambassador for whom…Amb to azerbatuurk,they pay for his wedding,while he’s in govt service,more bribe money,we all blinking,retires,on my tax money living in turkey,marries a turk.Where do you think this clowns allegiance were being served. .

  3. Art said:

    Good article Garen.
    Assad staying in power means no Christians (including Armenians) and the other minorities get butchered in chaotic post-revolutionary Syria, that is, if Syria remains a nation at all, if the dreams of those who wish to see Damascus annihilated off the face of the earth does not come true. This outcome is welcomed by Israel, (who hate Syria and have bombed it repeatedly over the last decade and occupy Golan) Saudi Arabia (the main source for Muslim extremist terrorism in the world) and now genocidal Turkey (which suddenly stabbed Syria in the back and is arming, training, supplying the opponents of Assad as loyal puppet of NATO and the still alive and kicking “Deep State”)

    “Hratch” is like those stupid Armenians who were for the “Young Turks” taking power in Turkey. He believes all the propaganda and the lies of a post-revolutionary utopia, and it will only result in the very people who fled genocide in “Young Turkey” to see genocide again in “Free Syria”.

    • Hratch said:

      Art, stop spewing your ignorance. Armenians represent only .0023% of Syria’s population, you are making enemies with the rest of the mainstream Arab world by siding with a genocidal/dictatorial regime. Hama in 1983 and Lebanon 1975-90 are just a few examples of their gross genocidal agenda. Your lovely regime has not even recognized the Armenian Genocide so how is it that you are taking sides if you don’t even have a horse in the race? If you don’t know what I’m referring to, I suggest you go brush up on history before making a fool out of yourself.

      • Art said:

        Pardon me: Are you Armenian or a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? No Armenian would downplay the fact that minorities including Christians are being massacred by the Turkish sponsored opposition by saying they are “.0023%” of the population. And, again, t was the MB that was put down in Hama. It’s not looking good for you, “Hratch”.

        I have said what needed to be said and will let others judge. Arguing with someone who claims to be Armenian in the comment section of an Armenian American newspaper over whether or not “.0023%” of Syria should be mass murdered in post-Assad Syria is a losing battle for you.

        • Hratch said:

          “Art” I guess in your twisted logic it’s best to label someone a non Armenian when you have nothing constructive to say.

          I’m not dismissing the .0023%, but to be on the wrong side of histry based on ulterior motives is plain wrong. History will not judge us kindly once Assad is eventual gone.

          An your claim of mass murders after the Assad regime is disturbing. You’re supporting a genocidal dictatorship based on paranoia. Assad wants you to believe he is your savior, just like when he wants you to believe that he wins every election by 97.99%.

  4. Ruby Minas said:

    I agree 100% with Garen and a person has to be blind not to see what is going on in that region.
    We know Turkey is a damaged good but I am surprized at U.S.A. for acting like a stuburn child, causing damage to a country who is not hostile towards U.S. and by framing the Syring government as if they were so stupid to use chemical weapons just few days before the inspectors arrival and even Asad is not accepting that but has agreed to destroy the chemical weapons of Syria. U.S. and his hungry alies like France and Britain (the well of their colonies has dried up they need new victims) are actively working on creating the war. John Kerry is like a puppet who runs around and seeks allience to attack Syria and that shows chemical weapon or no chemical weapon, the U.S. is planning to ruin Syria and it’s people and create a civil war like the ones in Egypt, Iraq and Afghanestan
    Who is going to benefit ftom all these bloodsheds? We all know!!!

  5. val said:

    Hrach. You said that armenian represent only 0.0023% of Syrian’s population .Some sourses state it is 0.0045%. If that percentage to convert in whole number , we will have 50000 to 100000 armenian living in Syria. So you are ready to sacrifice 50000 armenian life? And what about Arab world? As far i know only Lebanon recognized the armenian genocide . Arab world is also divided on syria.

    • Hratch said:

      Val, I’m not saying that 50,000 or 100,000 Armenians are not important. Even 1 is invaluable as far as I am concerned. However, merely basing our position on today’s reality is wrong. Eventually Assad will fall and we will find ourselves in a very difficult position. We will not be forgiven by the new rules. Now is the time to remain vigilant and work the situation to our advantage. There is no need to make new enemies, we still haven’t overcome our old enemies. It’s time to play smart and deal with the situation wisely. We do not own or control Syria. It is the Syrians themselves that need to solve their problems. If we get tangled up with their internal issues, we will pay a big price at the end when they resolve their issues and turn on us for choosing sides.

  6. Harutik said:

    Hratch’s logic is this: Because Syria did not recognize the Armenian Genocide we Armenians must side with those who would carry-out the genocide of Armenians in a heartbeat.

    Hratch’s (il)logic is that of a pathetic cyber-warrior on the payroll of the Anglo-American-Zionist alliance.

    PS: We have been seeing large numbers of Western “activists” like Haji Hratch in the Diaspora and in the homeland in recent years. They are the spawns of the AAZ.

  7. Hratch said:

    Paranoia is not a strategy. You’re labeling people without proof. No wonder we are always on the losing side. Drop your baseless conspiracy theories and put the effort into something more constructive. Syria has changed forever, we better be smart and play with the new rules. Continuous support of this sinking ship will only bring more disaster to our community. We will pay for our mistakes if we continue to defend failure. Patriotism is not always about defending the status quo, it’s also about being wise and adapting to change. It’s about working the situation to our advantage. It’s about knowing how navigate the politics of this world. At some point in history Assad’s regime was bound to end. They are not the Alpha and Omega of Syria. Thing are always evolving and the only constant in this world is change. If we continue to live in the past, we will find ourselves in the dust bin of history very soon.