EDITORIAL: No US Attacks On Syria

ANCA opposes US strikes against Syria

As President Barack Obama prepares to address the nation, once again, on his intention to attack Syria, Armenian-Americans must unequivocally oppose the administration’s plans to engage in yet another war in the Middle East, keeping in mind the definitive impact such an attack will have on the Syrian-Armenian community.

The tactic adopted by the Obama Administration to convince the American people of the righteousness of an attack on Syria is reminiscent of when President George W. Bush wanted to secure—at all costs—approval to attack Iraq in 2003, heralding claims of the existence of weapons of mass destruction and Iraq’s role in the 9/11 attacks, all of which proved to be false.

The cost of attacking Syria is high. Although the US claims it plans to strike Syria’s military and alleged chemical weapons targets, the loss of civilian life is imminent. The Christian minority population, which includes the large Syrian-Armenian community, will be directly in harm’s way.

Throughout the Syrian conflict, the Armenian community there has weathered enormous losses and continues to live in unbearable conditions, while steadfastly defending the cities and neighborhoods that are populated by Armenians, especially in Aleppo.

Syria has immense significance to the entire Armenian nation, not only as a safe-haven for survivors of the Armenian Genocide, but also as a crossroads of civilizations. Before the crisis began, the present-day Syrian-Armenian community was an integral part of Syria’s development and contribution by Armenians to civil society propelled a safe and secure existence for the community.

The Obama administration is out to teach a lesson to Syria and to assert its role as a superpower. However, in this case, its calculations are simply wrong, because, in its rabid effort to topple the current regime, the US is aiding and abetting groups whose ultimate intentions are to destroy America and cause harm to American interests.

If Obama’s intentions are to punish those who have caused the loss of so many civilian lives, especially after the alleged chemical weapons attacks late last month, perhaps it could take a moment to look inward and assess the volume of casualties caused by US-led drone attacks across the world. To whom is the US accountable for these atrocities?

According to media reports, the majority of Americans are opposed to US intervention, in any form, in the Syrian conflict. If Congress is truly representative of the popular will, then it will oppose the proposed US strikes against Syria.

Earlier this week, the Armenian National Committee of America launched a campaign to make Armenian-American opposition to the Syria attacks known to members of Congress. Take a moment to voice your opposition to US airstrikes.

The proposed US airstrikes against Syria will not resolve the ongoing crisis in that country, nor will they benefit the international community. From our perspective, they will further deteriorate the conditions for our Armenian brothers and sisters in Syria. Let us collectively oppose US airstrikes on Syria.


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  1. Svetlana Swanson said:

    The self-proclaimed Free Syrian Army is none of what it proclaims to be.
    It is not free because the governments of Turkey and Israel hire each one of its members.
    The so-called Free Syrian Army recruits are paid mercenaries brought to Syria by the enemies of the Syrian Arab Republic.
    It is not Syrian because it is composed of paid foreign criminals, and domestic traitors, professional killers for hire, and paid terrorists, kidnapers and extortionists, hired from sixteen other countries, and financed by foreigners, predominantly Israel and Turkey.
    Both Israel and Turkey already occupy parts of Syria. Israel occupies the strategic, water rich region of Golan Heights. Turkey occupies the coastal region of Iskenderun. Both Israel and Turkey want to see a weak Syria unable to reclaim its historic lands and maintain its territorial integrity.
    Both Israel and Turkey want to see a much weaker, divided Syria, unable to defend itself against Turkish and Israeli aggression. In addition, both Turkey and Israel want to see the entire Middle East emptied of its Armenian Christian population.
    Finally, a bunch of hired kidnappers, criminals and traitors who invite foreigners to attack weaken, and conquer their own country is not an army, it is merely a bunch of traitors working for the money provided by the Apartheid Regime of Israel, and the Tyrannical Dictators of Turkey!
    All true Syrians must work together to make Syria stronger, to liberate their occupied lands from Israel and Turkey, STOP THE INFIGHTING!
    The Corporate-Owned Military Industrial Tyrants in The United States Have Declared war against the people of Syria without the consent of the American people.
    Syrians of all faiths, and all ethnic backgrounds, from all over the world should volunteer to join the Syrian Army to send back those foreign-trained mercenaries, and traitors back where they came from.

    We remember every day crimes against humanity committed by the Turkish Governments of 1915-1923. The present day government of Turkey continues these criminal policies by denying the crimes committed, and complicates the situation by organizing denial campaigns. The United States government aids and abets the criminal policies of its NATO ally, thus becoming a co-conspirator in the crime of Genocide.
    1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered by the Turkish governments of 1915-1923; the entire population of Western Armenia was deported from its historic homeland.
    Justice must prevail; all Armenian lands must be returned to the Armenian people!
    Just because the United States celebrated its 237th independence it does not mean that, its people have been free. For decades now, their governments have enslaved the people of the United States of America. Successive evil regimes in the Unites States have allowed themselves to become co-conspirators in the criminal act of Genocide Denial.

  2. Mihran said:

    I have stopped watching American news media outlets as they keep paddling a pack of lies to the American people,there is no objectivity nor any investigation in what they are putting out to the public,they did the same with Iraq another pack of lies and as a result hundreds of thousands died not to mention the illegal use of depleted uranium ammunition in Felluja where thousands of Iraqi kids and other citizens are born sick or becoming sick, and yes Abu Ghraib prison and torture abuse,this is USA for you.

    I am now watching Russia Today as they have a 24 hour English service news debates,I am very pleased with their objectivity,its 100% better than CNN and Fox not to mention the others.

    Yes, I agree 100% that there should be no attack on Syria its illegal under any international law,also all the evidence presented on capitol hill is a pack of lies,it only serves the interests of the oil/pipeline and military industrial complex.

    Try it.

  3. Hratch said:

    So just because 50,000 Armenians live in a country with a population of 22,000,000 we should be on the wrong side of history again? Even if argued that the regime did not use chemicals or foreign terrorists are behind all the mess, it still does not absolve the Assad regime. After all, their initial response to the protestors was business as usual….brute force! Little did they know that this time things would be different. They let the genie out and now want to blame others. We as Armenians should stand for justice and democracy whether in Armenia or host countries. We can not afford to be on the wrong side of history for petty reasons.

  4. Hratch said:

    “…the US is aiding and abetting groups whose ultimate intentions are to destroy America and cause harm to American interests.”

    This statement is a direct insult to all Syrians who actually want a democratic and a free country. Who are you guys to label every freedom fighter a terrorist. You are spitting in the face of every decent Syrian who has become a martyr. Just because some extremes groups have taken advantage of the situation does not mean the cause is lost. By making such irresponsible statements, we are guaranteeing our communities demise in Syria and the rest of the Arab world.

    If Assad did not act so brutally at the start, maybe these foreign fighters would not have come in the first place. Let’s not also gloss over the fact that this regime has cause tremendous damage to Lebanon and the Lebanese people for over three decades. Over 10,000 missing prisoners are presumed to be in Syrian jails and countless, whether Arab or Armenian, have been permanently displaced or moved abroad to escape the brutal plan of the Syrian regime to divide and conquer Lebanon.

  5. Alex Postallian said:

    I don’t get it……is obummer that stupid…I don’t trust him….He is a paid turk stooge…turkey is a coward,they wont attack Syria, so they get their stooge,to do their talking for them….We cant let this happen….That’s why the Arab world is upset with America,the jews pulled the same scenario..America to the rescue…No way…..We start taking care of our own country…Let them fight it out,honestly there will be no fighting. COWARDS NEVER FIGHT,JUST TALK.

  6. GeorgeMardig said:

    It is very childish to expect from President Obama to stop attacking Syria to save Armenian lives, having in mind, on top that he doesn’t give a sht about Armenians, there are higher stakes in play, unreasonable requests from a super power like US, not only will be ignored, they are also laughable. I believe as an American Tax payer a war in Syria besidel the human tragedy on big scale that can follow, the economic impact on US can be in Billions and maybe a Trillion which US can’t afford at this point and that can bring more hardship on all US Taxpayers which are already on the verge of colapse

  7. An Armenian said:

    In addition, if Obama his cronies are so intent on punishing and teaching a lesson to Syria for allegedly using Chemical weapons, then Obama and his cronies should hold all the other undemocratic regimes in the area and around the world to the same standards as the Syrian regime. Some examples that come to mind are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey. Obama is talking about upholding the International Laws against the use of Chemical Weapons. What about upholding the International laws against blockading a landlocked country such as Armenia by Turkey? Obama is such a hypocrite for picking and choosing which countries to punish and which not.

    • Arius said:

      The US Deep State worships before the altar of hypocrisy. I recommend The Brothers by Stephen Kinzer that documents the secret wars of the Dullus brothers in the interest of Wall Street. It didn’t end with both brothers out of office. Their modus operandi has continued to the present time.

      Russia and China look benign compared to the murderous US foreign policy. Armenia made the right choice to join the EEU with the rising East. The West is nearing its ending phase in a super debt cycle collapse. What we do have to watch for is the West striking out in desperation which we are starting to see with its subversion and deliberate chaos in Ukraine and the Middle East.

  8. Mihran said:

    USA has become al-Qaeda’s air force and spokesman,and we are led to believe that US is fighting terrorist.

    Its hand in glove working with al-Qaeda,its a disgrace for Obama and Kerry ( it reminds me of Tom & Jerry cartoon.]

    I hope and trust that the American people, congress and religious leaders have more sense and responsibility in turning this crazy motion down by not authorising any attack on Syria.

  9. Harutik said:

    Down with the Anglo-American-Zionist global order. The humanity will continue remaining on the brink of a world war as long as this evil axis is allowed to exist. If allowed to have their ways, this will be the third world war they have brought upon the global community.

    I hope our Amerika-Hay community will finally wake-up from their deep sleep and stop doing the bidding of imperial officials in Washington. All NGOs, political/social/ecological activists and news organizations in Armenia that are funded by Western/American sources need to get shutdown and their directors need to be arrested as foreign agents.

    • Hratch said:

      And I guess your Russian buddies are so fair and humanitarian when it comes to foreign policy. Aren’t they the one who recently blackmailed Armenia into joining their economic union?…..go get a life before expressing nonsense.

      • Ani said:

        By the looks of your posts, you are the only one spewing nonsense. You’re probably a Turk posting with an Armenian name. No Armenian would support these terrorists:salafists, wahabists, jihadists, al-quada(cia) who make up 97% of your so called freedom fighters. They beheaded priests and other syrians, forcibly converted christians to islam at gunpoint, invaded the oldest Christian town of Mahloula etc, etc.
        Continue your ranting and raving, no one is listening to you, bubba!

        • Hratch said:

          Usual Modus Operandi, when losing an argument also label a fellow Armenian as a Turk.

          I’m starting to understand why most comments are in support of this dictatorship. It the ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ theory. Since some Armenians are not capable of accepting anything other than their position, it’s normal that they side with a one party, non-compromising, non-conforming, occupying, cheating, lying, chemical using dictatorial regime……so enjoy each others’ company as long as it lasts.

          • Ani said:

            Nice, you just did the samw thing you accused me of. Way to ignore my post and the atrocities that I pointed out.
            You are in the minority, thank GOD.

  10. Gary_S said:

    THis is all lies. This war is to get an invasion of Iran since Syria and Iran have military pact. When Iran gets involved, this war is going to get a lot worse, economically, etc. Get ready now for it. It is all about oil.
    This won’t be a limited war. There will be boots on the ground since the US objective is regime change.

  11. arziv said:

    Assad is good. The so called ” free Syrian army” is nothing but an eclectic cluster of terrorists criminals, cannibals, heart-liver eaters. Where are all the weapons coming in from , for these criminals ? America, turkey,Israel, Saudi ,gulf states, what a lily sophomore class of genocidal, warmongering criminals. Israel is dictating America’s foreign policy. It is in Israel’s interest to have mayhem, warfare, social chaos, political havoc in every arab country in the neighborhood. That is a model of guaranteeing the security for Israel and be an oasis of peace for themselves. The Americanos are talking about war as if it were a play station game. Attack Assad, degrade Assad, weaken the regime, and all that other baloney. Syria as a country has been wrecked and fractured. In the end Assad will triumph, but the cost would be gargantuan. The defeat of Assad will signal a redrawing of the ME map, which will see the aggrandisement of turkey and the hegemony of Israel. The aggrandisement of turkey bodes ill for Armenia, Armenia will not escape the consequences of such a new configuration with turkey as a pivotal player in the region.

    • Hratch said:

      Is the sky also falling where you are? Everything you mention sounds exactly what the Assad regime did to Lebanon for the past 4 decades. So come down your high horse and stop worshiping a dictator. Syria has not even recognized the Armenian Genocide, how is it that you are taking sides without a horse in the race?

      • Ani said:

        As opposed to the US, Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, Israel, Qatar etc have recognized the Aremenian Genocide? Wow, you are grouped up with a great bunch. You need to get back on your medication.

        • Hratch said:

          I don’t get it, what does your reply have anything to do with my comment. Your blind hatred will get you us no where. If you have a personal attachment to this regime I might understand, but please be civilized and reply with some substance.

          Your logic of taking sides because of a grudge will not, and has not, yielded any positive result to our cause. We Armenians must work the international system in order to get things done in our favor. Preaching hatred, force, revenge and other nonconstructive actions never helped. We’ve already wasted 100 years. It’s time we take more constructive and calculative steps to change things in our favor. This world is much more complex than we think. Everything is not black or white, right or wrong, up or down. There much more than our simplistic views of world affairs.

          • Ani said:

            Excuse me? You are the one who pointed out that Syria has not recognized the Genocide. My post is very relevant.
            I have family in Syria, do you?
            Under Assad, Armenians and Syrians lived in peace. My family was happy. Why don’t you go and ask them what they think of your so-called freedom fighters. You would be ashamed of yourself. I’m doen with you.

          • Hratch said:

            I feel sorry for you and your brainwashed family. Perhaps it is out of selfishness that you believe in the Assad dictatorship. Just so they maintain their corrupt rule, you don’t care a bit about the other 90% who have suffered under their rule. You are supporting the same genocidal regime that terrorized Lebanon and Lebanese-Armenians. Just today Lebanese authorities announced that Syrian intellegence agents were behind the recent bombings in Lebanon. You need to be true to yourself and call a spade a spade, otherwise you will continue to be a slave to your masters.

        • Hratch said:

          By the way, I really like the way you glossed over France. France has recognized the Genocide and is still against your beloved Assad. So it’s not that simple is it?

          • Ani said:

            France was also supposed to make it illegal to deny the Genocide but lied.

          • Hratch said:

            Proves my point, you are an ungrateful person with selfish tendencies. You should be grateful to France for at least recognizing the Genocide. It is much more than your beloved Assad ever did.

  12. Gary@S said:

    This war is STILL going to happen. US wants regime change no matter what Assad does cause of Iran. Tell your relatives to take buses out of Syria. It is going to happen.

  13. Ani said:

    Talk about insulting people… you hypocrite.
    Now go up your medication. Just becasue France recognized the Genocide, I should be on my hands and knees to France and turn a blind eye to every other atrocites it commits. Like I previously said, you support the wahabists, salafists, jihadists, alqaeda and every other nut who wants to destroy a secular country in the ME.An Islamic country with sharia would suit you well, go live in Saudi Arabia, you will fit in perfectly. Over and out!

    • Hratch said:

      Anger will get you no where. If you really believe in your own propaganda, you would not be so defensive. The fact is that you want to create fear in order to keep your selfish privileges. Times are changing and everything must evolve. Did you really believe that a minority controlled dictatorial regime would last forever? If you were smart as you proclaim, you would have seen this coming. No corrupt, genocidal, chemical using, shabiha thug state can last forever, unless and of course you are so naive to believe that Assad wins every election by 97.99%. Any minority controlled state requires enormous amounts of money to pay people off in return for their blind support. To gain such funds, they must resort to all sorts of criminal activities. Have you ever wondered why democracies require changes for office holders, it’s to prevent corruption. The longer the tenure the more chances to be corrupt. This is true in business as well as political organizations.

      Anyway, I don’t expect you to know or accept all this. You’re blinded by selfish ulterior motives. Besides it seems you don’t even live in Souriya, why so passionate? I recommend you place your energy more on Armenia instead of wasting your time on a two bit dictator who couldn’t care less about you or the Armenian community.

      • Ani said:

        Anger will get YOU no where. If you really believe in your own propaganda, you would not be so defensive. Stop turning this on me and my “so-called” selfish needs. Stop defecting: You support wahabists, salafists, jihadists, alqaeda and every other nut who wants a islamic state in Syria.
        By the looks of it, your so-called “freedom fighters” or “rebels” are losing the fight. Your US-Israeli led proxi-war plans are going down the tubes.

        • Arius said:

          Ani, your passionate support for our people and the people of Syria that are suffering from the despicable US agenda is commendable and I support it. Unfortunately there are many Armenians, mostly in the West, that worship before the altar of US hegemony no matter what it does to our people or anyone else. Since the 1990’s I have watched the US march across the world causing immense suffering to the Christians of the Middle East and Muslims that say No to the seventh century. This year the US exacerbated the conflict and chaos in Ukraine, risking another major war. Watching this is getting hard to bear. The suffering of our people in the Middle East is hard to bear. Expect more of the same from the West until the rising East has coalesced into a sufficiently strong force to draw a line that the West will dare not cross, which I think is our only hope. If the West defeats the East then Armenia will be in deadly peril no matter which side it is aligned with. This is the highest perspective that I can take on our historical situation. We must do all we can to get the US out of Ukraine, out of the Middle East, and help Syria to survive, until the East can draw that line. Until then, expect more Western inspired horrors.