Genocide Denier Named State Dept. Spokesman

Doug Frantz

WASHINGTON—Doug Frantz, the notorious Genocide denier and former Los Angeles Times managing editor who lost his job when he blocked the publication of an article about the Armenian Genocide penned by journalist Mark Arax has been appointed the new spokesperson of the US State Department, a White House memo reported.

Frantz’s stint as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the State Department will not be his first with Secretary of State John Kerry. He worked as an investigation for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when Kerry was chairman.

The Armenian-American community came to know Frantz when in April 2007, as LA Times managing editor, he killed the publication of a front-page story penned by Armenian-American journalist Mark Arax about the Armenian Genocide resolution pending in Congress at the time. In a memo to Arax, Frantz said the author’s ethnicity posed a conflict of interest.

This sparked a controversy and prompted the Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region and other community leaders to launch a grassroots campaign against Frantz and the LA Times demanding an explanation and his resignation from his top post at the newspaper.

After an overwhelming response from the Armenian community and numerous meetings by Armenian leaders with LA Times top brass at the time, Frantz resigned in June 2007 and went to Istanbul.

Frantz has had long-standing ties to Turkey. He was stationed in Istanbul for several years, first as bureau chief for The New York Times and then as investigative reporter for the Los Angeles Times. He had developed close contacts with various Turkish officials, including the Turkish Consul General in Los Angeles who boasted in a taped interview with Arax at the time about his special relationship with Frantz who in May 2007 went to Istanbul to moderate a panel that included a notorious genocide denier.

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  1. Jack Kalpakian said:

    It is good that he is a spokesman. It is also good to have in office cats whose tails burned before. They tend to avoid stoves.

  2. Martin said:

    Hey Doug, a Jew writing about the Holocaust doesn’t pose a “conflict of interest”? Or would that be anti-semitic to oppose? I’ve said this numerous times, nothing fair in this world. Know your enemies, and hit them hard.

  3. Tsayt said:

    Doug Frantz’s anti-Armenian nature is of no interest in this story. He would represent the US government and not utter any personal opinions. In this story, the biggest disappointment is president Obama’s stance on the Armenian Genocide issue. If the president, or the Congress decides to recognizes the Armenian genocide officially then all the anti-Armenian Frantzes in the government have no choice but to reflect that reality. The problem so far is the president of the USA.

  4. Vic said:

    Obama, John Kerry, and Samantha Power were bad enough, having turned their backs on their promises to Armenian Americans.

    Now, Doug Frantz.

    What has gotten into Barack Pasha? Has he not licked Erdogan’s boots enough? Apparently not.

    Why stop there? Why not appoint the current leaders of such denialist Turkish organizations as the ATAA to be top administration officials? Or maybe Samantha Power, now ambassador to the UN, can hire them as her personal secretary.

    The sky’s the limit!

    • An Armenian said:

      With the kind of reverence Obama and his cronies have for Erdogan and Turkey, I would not be surprise if that happens.

  5. Krikor said:

    Yep this proves that this guy practices the oldest paid profession on earth!
    Any guesses? Well it’s legal in state of Nevada !

  6. Osik said:

    Dear Rep. Adam Schiff, Armenians are extremely unhappy that an Anti-Armenian; who is definitely nourishing from Turkish Lobby; to infiltrate in our Government. (Posted on Facebook)

  7. Lydia T said:

    Thank you for the information. If this was a Holocaust denier we all would hear about it on major news channels on TV, Social media, radio, etc. I have not even heard it from Armenian political organizations. This is the time to send our complaints to our representatives, to every TV and Radio stations and post on every social media platform. Why don’t the Armenian organizations prepare mass mailings by email and send it to all Armenians in US to send it out? Remind everyone to call the white house and their representatives……

  8. Hratch said:

    Money talks. He is denying because he is getting greased. The state department personnel are also human, thus the greasing continues….it’s human nature.

    • An Armenian said:

      Remember we are Armenians and our lobbying groups, namely the ANCA and Armenian Assembly, don’t get along and work with each other.

  9. Alex Postallian said:

    I can see in those beady eyes,lack of character,a paid-off stooge for the turks,with a for sale sign on his back..

  10. An Armenian said:

    John Kerry the hypocrite. He showed his true nature by turning from a friend to a foe.

  11. Parsik said:

    this makes sense and is so natural, genocide denier state must have a genocide denier spokesman

  12. GeorgeMardig said:

    It is unconceivable to see how US goes far from descency and human values to pamper Turkey and it’s denial of Armenian Genocide, while he has betrayed the US in every occasion, Irak,Syria, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Lebanon, it does not justify for the half way help that he has given for the amount of money and the help he has received, Turkey has always looked for free lunch at the expense of the American Tax payer, and which he has always achieved it’s goal with a great success

  13. Avetis said:

    American-Armenians deserve every bit of insult and treachery by Washington. The empire has been spitting on your faces for decades yet you still do their bidding in Armenia.

  14. Ara said:

    Extremely important that Armenian-Americans and friends of our community write to John Kerry and President Obama to express our outrage. Nothing will probably result from such protests, but they need to know the anger and disappointment that has been created with Frantz’s appointment. If a Holocaust denier were ever to be nominated to be a stse department’s, you can bet it would have never happened.

  15. Ron said:

    This is not really complicated. What is the main religion in Turkey? The uneducated Obama voter may have to Google that one.

  16. Jack said:

    <<In a memo to Arax, Frantz said the author’s ethnicity posed a conflict of interest.<<

    Practically ALL information we have about the Jewish "Holocaust" stem from Jewish pens. There is not ONE major work on the "Holocaust" written by a non-Jew.. only secondary ones referring to Jewish sources.